Amazon Bedrock lets businesses fine-tune foundational AI models with their data


Amazon is the latest US tech giant to enter the business of customizing AI models for businesses.

With “Bedrock”, Amazon offers a service with which companies can fine-tune large generative AI models with their data. As base models, Amazon offers Anthropic’s Claude and AI21’s Jurassic-2 models for language and Stability AI’s Stable Diffusion for images. With the Titan models, Amazon is also introducing its own new language models, which are available through Bedrock for fine-tuning.

According to Amazon, the models offered are suitable for text generation, chatbots, search, text summarization, image generation, and personalization of customer information.

The advantage of fine-tuning with your data is that the generated text or images will be more relevant to your business than the output of generic models such as ChatGPT or Midjourney.


In addition, companies have access to their instance of the model, which can solve privacy issues depending on the conditions under which the model processes the input data.

“Think about if you’re running a recruiting firm, as an example, and you want to ingest all your resumes and store it in a format that is standard for you to search an index on. Instead of building a custom NLP model to do all that, now using foundation models with a few examples of an input resume in this format and here is the output resume. Now you can even fine tune these models by just giving a few specific examples,” says Amazon’s head of machine learning services Swami Sivasubramanian.

Bedrock is currently available in a limited preview. AWS customers can sign up for access on the Bedrock page.

Amazon launches Code Whisperer, an AI-powered programming tool optimized for AWS

Amazon is also introducing Code Whisperer, an AI-powered programming assistant similar to Microsoft’s Copilot X. Code Whisperer supports Python, Java, JavaScript, TypeScript, and C#, as well as ten new languages, including Go, Kotlin, Rust, PHP, and SQL. The software is available through the AWS Toolkit IDE extensions and the AWS Lambda console.

According to Amazon, the software has learned from “billions of lines of publicly available code” and has also been trained on Amazon code. The software is available to individual developers at no charge.


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