Apple Vision Pro is quite heavy, according to new hands-on reports

Apple Vision Pro is quite heavy, according to new hands-on reports

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There are new hands-on reports about Vision Pro. A common criticism is the heavy weight of the device.

Apple selected a number of media and influencers to share their impressions and be photographed with the device for the first time. Previously, only official Apple promotional material had been shown.

The Verge was one of the tech outlets that got to try out the Apple Vision Pro, Engadget was the second, and both criticized the weight of the device. The Verge’s Victoria Song wrote that toward the end of the demo, the weight of the headset brought her back to the real world, and that she felt the beginnings of a mild headache. Engadget’s Cherlynn Low felt weighed down by the device and was “in pain” after 20 minutes of use. It was only when she switched to the alternative headband that the comfort level improved.

Tech influencer Marquees Brownlee also highlighted the weight of the device on Twitter.

Vision Pro comes with two head straps, the Solo Knit Strap, which has no top strap, and the Dual Loop Band, which has an additional head support. The latter was recently introduced and could be a reaction to reports that Vision Pro was uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time. Most VR headsets come with a top strap.

Vision Pro offers no breakthrough in form factor and weight

A rendering by 3D product designer Marcus Kane allows a comparison between Quest 3’s and Vision Pro’s profile. Depicted are just the casings without the facial interface and headband.

The form factor is similar, but their weight may differ. The Quest 3 weighs around 500 grams with the standard strap, while the exact weight of the Vision Pro is not yet known. However, the Vision Pro has a glass front, which would make the device more front-heavy and therefore more uncomfortable to wear, despite the external battery.

Either way, both headsets are still bulky and heavy, though less so than previous generations. The size and limited comfort will continue to be a barrier to widespread adoption and prolonged use.

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Sources: The Verge / Engadget

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