GPT-4 goes a little AGI with Auto-GPT


Language models can speed up and automate many tasks in areas such as text or code. What happens when they run themselves?

This new trend in generative AI is also called “self-prompting” or “auto-prompting”. The language model develops and executes prompts that can lead to new prompts based on an initial input.

This approach becomes truly powerful when combined with tools such as web search or the ability to test written code. The language model becomes an automatic assistant that can do much more than just generate text or code.

“1 GPT call is a bit like 1 thought. Stringing them together in loops creates agents that can perceive, think, and act, their goals defined in English in prompts,” writes OpenAI developer Andrej Karpathypredicting a future of “AutoOrgs” made up of “AutoCEOs,” “AutoCFOs,” and so on.


Auto-GPT: Self-Prompting is the latest trend in large language models

The most popular self-prompting example at the moment is the experimental open source application “Auto-GPT”. According to the Github team, the Python application is designed to independently develop and manage business ideas and generate income.

The program plans step-by-step, justifies decisions and develops plans, which it documents. In addition to integrating GPT-4 for text generation, the system has Internet access for data retrieval, can store data, and can generate speech via the Elevenlabs API. Supposedly, the system is even capable of self-improvement and bug-fixing by generating Python scripts via GPT-4.

The following demo shows how the system, acting as a “chief GPT,” autonomously researches upcoming events, identifies “Earth Day,” and generates a fancy recipe idea appropriate for that day.

Video: Auto-GPT-4, Github

From language model to everyday helper

The idea behind Auto-GPT and similar projects like Baby-AGI gold Jarvis (HuggingGPT) is to network language models and functions to automate complex tasks. The language model acts as a kind of controller that uses other language or expert models and tools in an automated way to achieve a given goal as autonomously as possible.


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