Imposing space flight for Meta Quest

VR movie Blue Marble: Imposing space flight for Meta Quest

Picture: Felix and Paul Studios

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A VR movie from outside the ISS space station gives you a clear view of the Earth. Will you experience an awe-inspiring “overview effect”?

Space Explorers was the largest and most elaborate VR space movie production to date. For several years, astronauts documented life on the international space station with special virtual reality cameras. A new trilogy for Meta Quest 2 and Quest Pro now changes the viewpoint to explore what you can see from space.

Blue Marble Orbit 1, with its unobstructed view of our planet, is designed to recreate the life-changing “overview effect” that astronauts experience when viewing from low Earth orbit. Thanks to the high-resolution 360-degree panoramic view and stereoscopic 3D display, it almost feels as if you are floating freely in zero gravity between the space station and the Earth.

Uplifting space excursion for Meta Quest

If you’re interested in everyday life on the ISS or spacewalks, you’ll want to take a look at the older episodes of the “Space Explorers” series. Find out how to stream them or download them in better resolution in this overview of Space Explorers.

In the new Blue Marble Orbit 1, on the other hand, the renowned Felix & Paul Studios production focuses entirely on a flight around our home planet. It lasts from sunrise to sunset. The fixed perspective between the station and the planet makes the space trip an almost meditative experience. Meanwhile, spatial music and soothing vocals from Headspace Studio play in the background.

Since I also like to sit by the window on the plane, the 24 minutes of the VR movie flew by for me. Those with less patience or interest in the subject could quickly get bored with the first part of the new trilogy.

Especially the fine light reflections on the river courses under the cloud cover attracted my attention again and again. A glance at the rear revealed a beautiful view of the station, which shone in glistening light. I sometimes wished for the good black level of the PSVR 2, but I always had a clear view of the details thanks to the good Quest 2 lenses.

You can find the free VR movie Blue Marble Orbit 1 – Space Explorers behind the link in the Meta Quest store. The easiest way to start is directly in the browser with the “Watch in Device” button and then put on the VR headset. Searching for VR movies directly on the device is a bit more complicated, as our colleague Tomislav also found out.

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