Lensa’s AI selfie app is back with new “Magic Avatars 2.0”


Lensa AI took the internet by storm with its magic Avatar Feature. They’ve since expanded their photo editing offering.

Lensa AI a product of Prisma Labs, has been the subject of discussion due to its unique and artistic “Magic Avatars” function which took the internet by storm in 2022.

However, they’ve since expanded their offering into an all-in-one photo editing app with a focus on selfies that is a separate app from their avatar app.

Magic Avatars 2.0

The AI avatar app uses Stable Diffusion and a massive network of digital art scraped from the internet, in a database called LAION-5B, to train its artificial intelligence. This has led to controversy in the mainstream media that the company was stealing artists’ work.



The app also employs TrueDepth API technology, using user-provided photos or “face data” to continuously improve its algorithms.

Users can choose whether to upload a man, woman or animal, select up to 10 styles, and then upload several of their photos to see themselves transformed into an avatar such as an Egyptian or a wizard. The latest version brings an “entirely new quality level and tens of new unique styles”, according to Lensa.

Magic Correction Photo App

Users can take advantage of the main Lensa to enhance photos with Magic Correction. It automatically touches up faces to remove blemishes and other imperfections.

Users can also manually adjust photos with settings such as eye contrast, teeth whitening, eyebrow symmetry and shape, and lip color.

It also includes other tools to blur the background or remove it entirely. One of the best features of the app is the ability to adjust both the foreground and background, whereas most apps only allow you to touch up the background.


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