Meta Quest 2 hits lowest price ever with limited-time holiday deal

Meta Quest 2 hits lowest price ever with limited-time holiday deal

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Meta Quest 2 is the best-selling VR headset in the world, and this Christmas it’s cheaper than ever. There may be a reason for that.

The limited-time holiday deal, which brings with it a discount of $50, applies to both storage models: the one with 128 GB and the one with 256 GB.

The prices are as follows:

  • 128 GB: $249 instead of $299
  • 256 GB:  $299 instead of $349

To my knowledge, this is the lowest price yet for either model, and it means you get twice as much storage for the regular price of the entry model.

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While Resident Evil 4 and Beat Saber were included last Christmas, shoppers will apparently not receive any VR games as gifts in 2023.

Should you buy the Quest 2 now or wait?

If you’re considering buying a VR headset this Christmas and you want to know about the most sensible options, check out my article on that topic.

A month ago, Meta launched the Meta Quest 3, which costs significantly more than the Quest 2 at $499, but is much more future-proof thanks to a new, more powerful chipset, supports more advanced mixed reality, and is generally a big upgrade in terms of technology and form factor. If you can afford it, you can’t go wrong by choosing Quest 3 over Quest 2.

Now three years old, the Quest 2 is nearing the end of its life cycle and there are rumors that it will be replaced next year by a new, but equally affordable model that could feature the same chip as the Quest 3, but be stripped down in every other way. With the lowest price ever for the Quest 2, Meta may be looking to clear out the warehouses.

So it might be worth your while to wait a little longer or alternatively buy Quest 3. For more context, check out my article Should you buy Quest 2 or Quest 3.

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