OpenAI launches ChatGPT Enterprise with enhanced security, privacy and speed


OpenAI launches ChatGPT Enterprise, a secure and faster version of ChatGPT designed to support and enhance every aspect of work in organizations, according to the company.

In just nine months since its launch, ChatGPT has been adopted by teams at more than 80% of Fortune 500 companies. OpenAI bases this claim on ChatGPT user accounts registered with a corporate email address.

But as we know, more than a few companies have had issues with OpenAI’s handling of user data, particularly the risk of that data ending up in an AI training dataset for future GPT models.

ChatGPT Enterprise is meant to be the answer to this problem, providing enhanced security and privacy to ensure that customer data and conversations are not used to train OpenAI models. It is also SOC 2 compliant, protecting data both in transit and at rest. Shared chat templates can be used to build enterprise-wide workflows and streamline processes within organizations, according to OpenAI.



The company says that it’ll be “onboarding as many enterprises as possible over the next few weeks.” It is also building a self-service ChatGPT Business offering for smaller teams.

ChatGPT Enterprise comes with GPT-4 32k access

The new offering also removes usage caps, allowing for faster ChatGPT performance and 32k context windows for 4x more input compared to standard ChatGPT.

A larger context window helps process more data at once, but with Claude 2 already offering a 100K context window, this doesn’t seem like the big news it was back in March. There’s also some evidence that larger context windows don’t necessarily lead to better results, but of course, GPT-4 32K now has a chance to prove its worth beyond a few beta users.

ChatGPT Enterprise also includes Advanced Data Analysis, the new name for OpenAI’s code interpreter, and more customization options, such as building secure data transfers between enterprise applications and ChatGPT.

OpenAI is also working on an enhanced version of Advanced Data Analysis, work-optimized ChatGPT browsing, and solutions for specific roles such as data analysts, marketers, and customer support. These features will be released “as soon as possible.”


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