Opera launches new browser “One” with free ChatGPT integration


Opera brings web page content to chat with Aria’s AI assistant.

The latest version of Opera Browser, Opera One, offers an all-new feature: Aria, an AI assistant based on OpenAI’s GPT models. Opera calls the new web browser “the first truly native AI browser”.

The browser AI is part of Opera One and is ultimately, similar to Microsoft’s Bing Chat, an Internet access-enhanced integration of ChatGPT into the browser. According to Opera, Aria can access current information from the Internet and answer questions, for example about interesting movies or the content of a web page. Aria can also generate code.

One special feature is “contextual prompts.” Users can highlight or right-click text on a web page to bring the content to the chatbot for more information.


Opera has trained the chatbot on its help database, so Aria can also answer questions about the browser itself, acting as a support bot. Opera cautions that Aria, like ChatGPT and other LLM chatbots, can generate misinformation and reflect bias.

OpenAI can use Aria cats to train future models

The Aria chatbot is natively integrated into the browser, always accessible from the sidebar or via a keyboard shortcut as an overlay, and it’s free despite its OpenAI integration. All chats are saved for 30 days or can be optionally deleted earlier.

You must be at least 18 years old to use it, an Opera account is required, and Opera recommends not entering any private data to protect your privacy. OpenAI may use submitted questions for AI training. Unlike ChatGPT, Opera does not offer an opt-out feature, which may explain why it can offer the service for free.

The system was developed together with OpenAI, which is reportedly not sitting well with OpenAI’s billionaire partner Microsoft.

You can download Opera One for free for Windows or for android.


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