prices, new models, and preorders

Immersed Visor VR headset: prices, new models, and preorders

Image: Immersed

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Immersed shares estimated prices for its upcoming Visor XR headset, announces two more models, and accepts preorders.

Immersed, the developer of a popular virtual desktop app of the same name, is developing an intriguing, work-centric XR device. News of the super-sharp Visor headset first appeared in August.

More details about Immersed Visor came quickly, painting a picture of a high-end, lightweight, mixed reality VR headset. In some ways, the Visor could even challenge Apple’s Vision Pro.

Immersed Visor prices and new models

Immersed shared estimated prices for the Visor XR headset, which now has three variants: the Visor that was previously announced featuring 4K resolution per eye, a Founder’s Edition Visor 4K, and Visor 2.5K with a lower resolution.

The Visor 4K model costs $750. 4K per eye matches the resolution of the Apple’s Vision Pro premium displays.

The Founder’s Edition will retail for $1,249 but is $1,000 through the end of September. It matches the specifications of the Visor 4K but ships six months earlier.

The Founder's Edition Visor 4K comes with an orange faceplate.

The Founder’s Edition Visor 4K comes with an orange faceplate. | Image: Immersed

Immersed will only produce 25,000 units of the Founder’s Edition Visor. It features Immersed’s signature orange on the translucent faceplate and an official seal.

Founder’s Edition customers get a lifetime subscription to Immersed’s premium tier (details are yet to be determined) and can schedule a pre-release demo at Immersed HQ in Austin, Texas. A virtual Sky Lounge will let “Founders” meet other early adopters.

The budget Visor 2.5K model is the same as the 4K version but with a lower resolution, priced at $500.

These are already affordable XR headsets, but Immersed said volume production savings could lower prices further if preorders are higher than expected.

Preorders and shipping dates

For all models, Immersed says the Visor will weigh 25% less than a phone, so just a few ounces, and describes the color passthrough quality as “higher resolution than what’s available on the market.” It comes with both a head strap and earpieces.

Immersed includes earpieces and head strap with the Visor XR headset.

Immersed includes earpieces and head strap with the Visor XR headset. | Image: Immersed

Hand and eye-tracking stand out as advanced features, usually reserved for premium VR headsets that cost over $1,000.

If the Immersed Visor sounds too good to be true, remember this XR headset is a productivity device. Immersed describes it as a monitor and TV replacement. The Immersed app supports up to five virtual monitors.

The Visor requires a connection to a PC or a Mac and will not include an app store. However, Immersed says it won’t lock the headset. Expansion is possible but isn’t guaranteed.

All three Visor models are now available for preorder, and a purchase will hold your place in line. You can cancel at any time before shipping begins. As the Visor nears production, Immersed will share the final prices.

This is the view from within an Immersed Visor 4K built with IPD of 66.

This is the view from within an Immersed Visor 4K built with IPD of 66. | Image: Immersed

Immersed expects delivery dates in 2024, with the 25,000 Founder’s Edition Visor 4K headsets shipping first. The Visor 4K and Visor 2.5K will follow. Immersed says all preorders should ship in 2024.

Since the Immersed custom builds each Visor for optimal fit, customers must upload a face scan before production begins, similar to Bigscreen Beyond. That process will come at a later date. An iPhone with Face ID can provide the necessary details. Immersed is researching the possibility of using an Android phone for face scans.

Immersed Visor is spatial computing

The Immersed Visor isn’t a VR gaming device. It fits into the spatial computing category, making it an Apple Vision Pro competitor.

While the Vision Pro includes a laptop-class processor and a two-hour battery, the Visor relies on a connected Windows PC or Mac computer for games and apps.

There are pros and cons to that requirement. Every app you normally use on your computer is immediately available, but 3D immersion is limited to what the Immersed app allows.

A closeup shows the Immersed Visor's displays and nosepad.

A closeup shows the Immersed Visor’s displays and nose pad. | Image: Immersed

As the company name implies, virtual environments are supported, and avatars can enter shared meeting spaces. The Immersed app is among the best virtual desktops available.

Apple showed limited immersion in its Vision Pro announcement. Some movies spill over into your surroundings, and VR games will eventually come as developers explore what’s possible with this new platform.

The Immersed Visor’s $500 starting price is one-seventh that of the $3,500 Vision Pro, and the standard $750 Visor 4K is less than a fourth the cost. If a productivity headset is what you want, it might be hard to beat the Visor.

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