Rabbit’s R1 AI first hardware sold out the first three batches in four days


Update from January 14th:

Rabbit’s pocket-sized AI device has sold out its first three batches of 10,00 units each in just four days after its initial announcement.

The startup announced on X (formerly Twitter) that it sold its first batch of 10,000 units in a single day, exceeding its internal target by 20 times. “When we started building r1, we said internally that we’d be happy if we sold 500 devices on launch day,” the startup wrote on X.

The first batch of preorders will begin shipping in March, with the second, third, and fourth batches expected to ship between May and July 2024.



Original article from January 9:

Rabbit R1 is AI-first hardware featuring a large action model that learns to use apps

AI startup Rabbit has unveiled the R1, a $199 standalone AI device that serves primarily as a voice-controlled universal controller for apps.

The R1 is powered by a Large Action Model (LAM), which has been trained with interaction data from people interacting with apps such as Spotify and Uber.

This training is supposed to enable the system to interact with existing applications without having to rely on native app support, as Alexa or Google Assistant do. The hybrid approach combines the pattern recognition of neural networks with the reasoning of symbolic AI, resulting in a versatile and adaptable AI assistant. The LAM is the real star behind the R1.

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pre-order the R1 from the company’s website, and it is expected to ship in March. The price is 199 US dollars.

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