Signs point to Valve’s new VR Headset using eye tracking

Signs point to Valve's new VR Headset using eye tracking

Image: Midjourney prompted by MIXED

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A new beta update for SteamVR hints that Valve’s next VR headset could support eye tracking.

SteamVR beta update 1.26.1 was released on March 29. The update mainly brings improvements to VR controller compatibility.

Hardware analyst and Youtuber Brad Lynch took a closer look at the update’s source code and made an exciting discovery that suggests Valve’s next VR headset will offer eye-tracking.

Valve’s current virtual reality headset, Valve Index, does not have eye tracking, so the features discovered can only apply to a new VR headset from Valve.

New VR headset from Valve is still unconfirmed

If and when such a headset will be released by Valve is still unknown. The company may only use the code for internal testing on prototypes like Valve Deckard.

Lynch announced that more detailed information about the source code findings would be available soon.

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