These VR experiences aim to show you how animals are mistreated

These VR experiences aim to show you how animals are mistreated

Image: DALL-E 3, prompted by MIXED

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PETA presents three VR experiences designed to raise awareness of the mistreatment of animals.


The animal rights organisation PETA presents three VR experiences that allow users to see the world from an animal’s perspective. All three experiences show how animals suffer at the hands of humans.

“I, Orca” puts you in the shoes of orcas being abused by SeaWorld. “I, Chicken” puts you in the role of a chicken crammed into filthy stalls with thousands of other animals, and “I, Calf” shows the life of a cow exploited on a dairy farm.

“I, Calf” requires a VR headset such as Meta Quest 3. “I, Orca” and “I, Chicken” can also be experienced as smartphone VR, for example with Google Cardboard.


PETA is using virtual reality to build empathy for animals

PETA has been using virtual reality to promote animal rights for years, seeing it as a powerful tool to increase empathy. In 2018, the animal rights organisation unveiled a VR experiment called “Eye to Eye”, in which users were confronted with a talking rabbit. This VR experiment was developed to enable a dialogue between humans and animals, and to open people’s eyes to the treatment of animals.

Another PETA VR project is Abduction. The seven-minute, 180-degree film tells the depressing story of three friends who are abducted and tortured by an advanced species. They are unwillingly turned into test subjects in dark laboratories. With this film, PETA wants to change our perspective and put us in the shoes of the laboratory animals.

The video is available for free on Meta Quest 2, Quest 3 and Quest Pro via Oculus TV. I have already watched this short film and described my experience with Abduction in the linked article.

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