Using the browser in mixed reality is hugely popular on Quest 3

Using the browser in mixed reality is hugely popular on Quest 3

Image: Meta

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According to Meta CTO Andrew Bosworth, using the browser in passthrough mode is a Quest 3 use case that is gaining a lot of traction.


Tech journalist Janko Roettgers spoke with Andrew Bosworth about Quest 3, its mixed reality, and more.

Meta’s CTO has already noted in a blog post that mixed reality is seeing success on Quest 3, and confirmed in the interview that there are early positive signals from consumers. When asked about the most popular mixed reality use cases beyond things like doing the dishes in passthrough mode, Bosworth says:

“There is a lot of that kind of use. It’s not dishes, necessarily. But people just using the browser while in mixed reality is hugely popular on the Quest 3. The browser is popular on Quest 2, don’t get me wrong. But it’s a really big noticeable difference on Quest 3, when people are in color pass-through using the browser. […] That’s one of the really key use cases, people being in color pass-through. I don’t know if they’re doing dishes or not, but they’ve got a browser window open, and they just engage in that way.”


Meta Quest 3 is the first affordable headset with color passthrough. Optical seethrough AR headsets like Magic Leap and Hololens cost many times more and haven’t caught on with consumers.

After the launch of the Quest 3, videos surfaced online showing people using the headset’s passthrough mode to perform everyday tasks or go outside.

Bosworth confirms in the interview that the combination of color passthrough and browser use is a use case that stands out on the Quest 3.


The Quest 3 is too big and heavy, and the quality of the color passthrough is too poor for a larger number of people to seriously use it as an AR headset and integrate it into their everyday lives. However, the form factor and color passthrough will continue to improve over the next few years, so the idea is no longer be completely implausible.

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